Computer vision powered future retail.

We create the next generation retail network that will be everywhere in AI era.

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Shopping. Simplified.

Quick grab and go experience. Get rid of your phone.


After registration, you could
simply scan face to check in.


No salesmen. Pick your items.
You don't want some item? It's ok, just put it back.


Scan your face to checkout.
You could set your preferred payment method

Modern-day refreshment hub

Unmanned community store for you

Need to travel for 20mins to buy what you want? Struggle with no food and beverage option at night? We make stores go closer to you, serving your needs. You are at a sub-urban office or a remote apartment. Regardless, we coud come to serve your community!

Use AI computer vision to serve the shopping needs of consumers. No more queuing up for the cashier. Cut talks to sales representatives.

Comprehensive product offerings. Best in class data insights and intelligent store management. Cost-efficient to set up, and super easy to deploy from scratch.


Intelligent next generation vending machine

Make your shopping even smoother. Open the lid and enjoy choosing the products yourselves. The algorithm will choose new products for consumers over time.

Goodbye to the traditional vending machine. Now you can touch and squeeze the product inside the chiller! Check the nutrition table and expiry date anytime. Fresh products and ready-to-eat food? No problem. Tell us what you would like to have. You decide.

Benefits of Our Solution

We create a best in class shopping experience powered by artificial intelligence.
You can now fulfill your shopping needs within few minutes.

More food options


Smooth shopping experience

Intelligent management

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not on the list, please feel free to contact us via the email below.

There's no cashier and sales representative anymore. The AI system will manage the store and provide you with what you like!

User experience is our single most important persuit. We firmly believe that products shall be decided by consumers. creates a platform for consumers to ask for wanted products, and our suppliers and distribution partners will make it happen to the store need you.

Our first store is [email protected] north, Singapore. It will open in Oct 2018. Just come over, download our APP and enjoy the new way of shopping!

We have different forms of store unit that suit your need. We could set up AI store, AI chiller, or even revamp of the existing stores. If you want us to come to your workplace/community, please feel free to email us at [email protected] We will revert to you!

Thanks for your interest, please feel free to send us an email to [email protected] We will get back to you.